Efficitve Date: January 17, 2017

Privacy Policy for Windows App

  1. Although this App will use your device's camera and microphone, they are just be used when you need them. The camera is only used when you want to create or edit an image card by capturing from the camera or you want to do OCR from your camera, and the microphone is used for speech recognizer or for recording voice for cards instead of the sound from speech synthesizer. Although it will recorde your voice when you want to do so, that voice file must be on your device and it will clearly show you that it is recording and its target file. Therefore, you don't need to worry about that this App will transfer your picture or voice to someone or somewhere. Anyway, a good habit is that you shouldn't capture any picture or record any voice which might hurt your privacy.
  2. This App may send users' input and how they use this App to related servers:
    1. Microsoft Translator: This server is used when the user wants to translate all this App pages' texts by a translator or when the user want to auto-translate the input answers in OCR sub-page. By the way, you'll always know that it is translating since it always shows its translating result immediately.
    2. Bing Speech Recognition: You'll never send your voice to this server only if you click buttons with microphone icon and choose this recognizer to recognize your voice from microphone. So, this App will never send your voice out to this server automatically.
    3. Azure Application Insights: In order to make this App better, this App has the ability to collect your using information to this server. This App will just collect the information about which pages of this App you use and exceptions thrown by this App. By default, this App will not send these information to this server.

Privacy Policy for Web version

When the user uses this web version, nothing will be sent out from the user's device. Your level, due dates, etc. are all stored and calculated on your device. The only thing you did is loading files from this web version or your cache.