Privacy Policy 隱私權政策

Updated: 2021-05-04

For helping the user study, this App will store necessary information on the user's device and the user is conscious that it is stored. So, what kind of private data will be taken?

There are three kinds of data: 有分為三類的資料:
  1. The profile you made for a link to a multimedia (您為多媒體連結所製作的配置檔)
    from which you can output as a mdpyc file. (而它可輸出為 mdpyc 檔)
    • Before exporting it as a file, it will only be stored in this App on your device and will not be shared.
    • After exporting as a file (on the cloud or on a device), if you distribute it, you can share your work with others; but, conversely, if you write private information in it, it will also be outflowed. Therefore, do not write private information on it.
  2. Resources needed for making study more efficient:
    1. Settings related to this APP , such as the link of "Daily Sample"
    2. (iOS) Camera + Microphone : Because the new iOS system can retrieve a file from the user's camera directly, it will use your camera only if you want to load a file from your camera.
      (iOS)照相機+麥克風: 因為新版的iOS系統可以直接由照相機擷取影像變為檔案,當你要抓取檔案時,若選取由照相機取得,此功能才會被啟用。
    3. Microphone : Because when learning a language, it would be better if you could record your own voice at the same time. So, when the user wants to do this, the microphone is used.
      麥克風: 因為學習語言時,若能同時錄製自己的聲音來比對,那會更好。所以,當使用者想要如此做時,就會使用到麥克風。
  3. Cloud APIs (雲端服務APIs)
    This App only helps you connect with these APIs, and the data required for authorization is not processed by this App (in fact, this App cannot get it).
    1. Your profile (name and image) 你的名字與像
      They are used to notify you that you have logged in.
      僅用來提示您已經登入 Google 了。
    2. Google Drive API: (Google 雲端硬碟)
      1. lay a settings file for this App so that you can have the same settings on any device.
      2. Output mdpyc file (輸出mdpyc檔)
        It has three types: normal, zip and spreadsheet. All of them are output in YOUR OWN Google Drive only. Others and I cannot get them.
        • NOTE: Google Sheets API is used when you output it as a spreadsheet file.
    3. None of these will be sent to any other server, they just are used on these API services.
      這些都不會發送到任何其他伺服器,它們僅用於這些 API 服務。
Finally, this app is written with a clean conscience; therefore, I avoid to touch the user’s private information. It also carefully considers the protection of users' private data. But, just like some thieves are very capable, I cannot guarantee that this App can 100% prevent this kind of threaten. So, if you find any improvements to this App, please feel free to give us advice. Thank you.
最後,本人本著清潔的良心寫此App,能不碰到使用者私人的資料就避免碰到, 也慎重地將保護使用者的私人資料考慮進來。但是,就像有的小偷就是很有辦法, 所以,若有發現本App可以改進的地方,歡迎賜教。謝謝。