Privacy Policy 隱私權策略

For helping the user can easily repeat their actions, this App will store necessary information on user's device and the user is conscious that it is stored. So all of that data are just on the user's device and never be sent to the network. So, don't worry about the problem of privacy.
These datas are
  1. Settings related to this APP , such as the link of "Daily Sample"
  2. (iOS) Camera + Microphone : Because the new iOS system can retrieve a file from the user's camera directly, it will use your camera only if you want to load a file from your camera.
  3. Microphone : Because when learning a language, it would be better if you could record your own voice at the same time. So, when the user wants to do this, the microphone is used.
Briefly, this APP does not generate these datas unless the user wants and they'll be sent nowhere. If you want to send them to someone else, please send them by yourself after you output them -JSON, SBV, M4A, etc.-, this APP does not do this thing.
  1. 本APP相關設定,如每日一例的連結
  2. (iOS)照相機+麥克風:因為新版的iOS系統可以直接由照相機擷取影像變為檔案,當你要抓取檔案時,若選取由照相機取得,此功能才會被啟用。
  3. 麥克風:因為學習語言時,若能同時錄製自己的聲音來比對,那會更好。所以,當使用者想要如此做時,就會使用到麥克風。